May 20, 2020

Today the twins are already 29 weeks gestation, and 3 weeks 2 days old. Days go by slowly but time overall has gone by very fast! Today has been a very good day so far, so good that it feels weird and not normal. We are hoping all of these good things last.

Update on James: Yesterday James had another renal ultrasound to check on his blood clot. The results showed that the blood clot had disappeared, probably when his PICC line was removed. We left last night with goals for James to continue to improve his kidney health as well as be on lower oxygen on the ventilator.

When I arrived to the hospital this morning, I was surprised to find out that James was transitioned from the ventilator to CPAP! His oxygen levels were so good that the doctor decided he was ready to be switched. It has been a few hours and he is doing well so far. This is very good news.

I saw the doctor today and he said that James is improving a lot overall 🙂 He said that James is doing great on CPAP, and his kidney levels are looking great. The blood clot must have been the reason for the kidney problems and everything has just been improving since the clot disappeared. The doctor also mentioned details about James’ brain- so far this week his circumference measurements are stable and in the normal range. The doctor is optimistic that his brain will hopefully heal itself.

The doctor said that James is finally catching up to his little sister! We are so relieved to have this good day. I have to admit I am still nervous because it feels too good to be true, but I am so grateful to have good news.

Update on Vera: Vera is having another stable day. No big news but that is a good thing! All of the nurses talk about her cute face and feisty personality 🙂

Thank you for all of the continued thoughts and prayers! We feel the love!


  • Laurie Fitzloff

    Amen!! Prayers are answered!! So happy to hear James is turning the corner and doing better!! Do you see our “fisty” little girls red hair yet!? So thankful, so happy

  • Laura Laudon

    This is awesome news! I continue to pray for your sweet babies everyday. Hugs to all of you.

  • Caitlin

    So good to hear the good news!! I’ve been thinking of you guys every day ❤ love you guys!!

  • Paula fleming

    I am so happy for James!!!! Vera and James are so strong!!! So are Jef and Dana!! I still am in Awe of my daughter Dana, and delivering her own babies!!

  • Mommy Paula

    I am so thrilled for James! Vera and James are the strongest babies I have ever known. Jef and Dana are the most dedicated parents! I am in awe of my daughter Dana and the fact that she delivered her own babies. What a wonderful family! Love mommy paula

  • Kate Strunk Furst

    I have been praying for your sweet babies and for both of you! Our son John William was born at 23 weeks weighing one pound six ounces and he was 12 inches tall. He is a miracle! He is going to be 30 years old on Thanksgiving. ( November 26, 1990) I believe Becka gave you our number, call or text if you just want to talk. KEEP UP THE HOPE! Miracles happen every day Love, Kate,Terry, John and Emily Furst