May 29, 2020

We have had a few good days with our babies! We celebrated their 1 month birthday on Wednesday, which was also 30 weeks gestation. Due to this milestone they both got new and different isolettes and had their first vaccine, Hepatitis B.

Update on James: James has been doing very well for the circumstances. His oxygen levels have looked good and he has been weaned down a bit on the CPAP. We had one scare where his heart rate was very high, but the doctors thought that was due to his new caffeine dose and so they lowered that, which helped. His kidney function has looked good this week. We are still watching the bleeding in his brain and hoping that it improves. He will get another head ultrasound in a week or two.

Update on Vera: Vera has continued to do well. She is stable on a low CPAP level and has a great oxygen level. She still gets a full belly from the air from the CPAP, but the doctors say that is normal.

The big news from this week is that the hospital is on the same street as the spot where the terrible George Floyd situation occurred. There have been riots and marches near the hospital. The hospital went on lock down last night, and will possibly go on lock down again tonight. It is pretty scary and sad to think of everything that is going on so close to home. Jef and I are staying safe. He hasn’t been able to come visit the babies the last couple of days because of timing and I have been going home as early as I can to avoid getting mixed up in the riots. We are thinking of George Floyd and everybody affected by this situation. <3

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