June 2, 2020

We have had several nice, stable days recently. The main situation has been trying to stay calm and optimistic during all of the events going on in Minneapolis right now. The hospital has gone on lockdown almost every night this past week but the babies have stayed safe. We are very grateful for the caring staff at Children’s.

Update on James: James has had some great days recently. His kidneys and lungs clinically seem to be doing a lot better. We are still waiting to see if his brain bleeds will improve, but he won’t have another head ultrasound until next Monday. The one thing with him this week is that his Hemoglobin is low again, meaning he might have to have another blood transfusion. He will get his Hemoglobin checked again in a week to see if he needs the transfusion. James is currently 3 pounds 2 ounces and 15.75 inches long!

Update on Vera: Vera has continued to be stable. She still gets extra air in her belly from the CPAP, but it is not a big concern. Vera is 2 pounds 12 ounces and 15.6 inches long!

Vera getting a break from CPAP
James getting a break from CPAP