June 14, 2020

First post for almost a week…the week was pretty good overall. We did get the results from the eye exam. Both babies have Zone 1 stage 1 ROP, which basically means that their blood vessels in their eyes are still immature and developing. The doctors said that this diagnosis was expected considering how premature the twins were. We will have another exam next Monday which will hopefully show some improvement. A big highlight of this week is that Jef and I both got to hold both babies together for the first time! This was very exciting and special.

Update on James: James has been doing well on the high flow nasal cannula. His settings have been reduced a little bit since he switched to it. It has been great to watch James these last few days. He seems so much happier and alert without the CPAP. James hit 4 pounds so he got to have the top lifted on his isolette! That was very exciting and the first milestone he hit before Vera. James is now 4 pounds 1 ounce.

Update on Vera: Vera has had a good week, not much to report. She also had her high flow settings reduced and she may get off of it within the next few days. Vera has also been more alert and content since being on high flow. Vera is now 3 pounds 9 ounces.