July 7, 2020

Things have been going pretty well lately. We moved to the Infant Care Center (ICC) about two weeks ago. We are still in the same hospital. Here we will focus on feeding and growing until the babies are ready to go home. We have been practicing breast feeding daily with some success, and today we tried bottle feeding for the first time. Both babies did well and got between 5-10 ml! They will now continue to practice bottle feeding with the nurses each day, and I will continue to breastfeed when I am at the hospital. Once they are successfully getting all milk from bottle or breastfeeding, no more feeding tube, they will get to go home. We are still not sure when that will be, but probably between 2-6 weeks from now. It all depends on how they continue to do with feedings.

Update on James- The doctors are still closely watching James’ brain, heart, lungs and kidneys for the issues he has had in the past. Lately his brain ultrasounds have been stable, kidneys and heart have been stable and they are still watching the blood clots in his lungs. His lab work has been pretty stable which is good. James tried being off of oxygen but had to be put back on after a couple of days. He is now only on 1/4 liter of oxygen, which is the lowest setting. James is now 6 pounds 2 ounces!

Update on Vera- Vera has been doing great. All of her exams have been stable. She is still breathing room air on her own. Vera is 5 pounds 9 ounces.


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