August 22, 2020

We have come a long way these last few weeks! Vera came home almost three weeks ago and James came home almost one week ago. They will be four months old next Thursday, or three weeks adjusted.

Update on Vera: Vera came home two days before their due date. It wasn’t easy, she took several weeks to get a hang of drinking from a bottle. Since she got home she has been doing well. She gained half a pound in her first week home. We found a pediatrician that is less than five minutes away from our house and we have been very happy with them. Vera has some follow up appointments with some specialists coming up. The most significant one is her eye appointment because she still has some Retina of Prematurity (ROP) in both eyes. Vera likes to eat, sleep, and cuddle with mom and dad. She does tummy time daily and is able to scoot a foot or two on her own. Vera moves her arms around when we play music, we call her our little conductor.

Update on James- James finally made it home thirteen days after Vera. He also took a long time to learn to drink from a bottle. He just got home last Sunday so we haven’t even had a week with him at home. James has even more specialists to follow up with than Vera. He still has a blood clot in his lungs, so Jef and I have to give him lovenox shots twice a day. We hate doing that but are hoping it will be over in a few weeks. James will go to the eye appointments with Vera because he also still has ROP. James liked to watch his light up toys, suck on and lick his sister, knock out her pacifiers, and cuddle with mom and dad. James is very strong and can lift his head up high by himself for a few seconds at a time. James is very expressive and constantly makes funny faces for us to enjoy.

Jef and I are still adjusting to life at home with two babies but each day seems to be a little easier. The hardest times are when they cry at the same time, especially when they are cranky in the middle of the night. Jef and I sleep in shifts and I wake up anyways to pump. The babies drink fortified breast milk and formula if we run out of breast milk. The babies have already outgrown newborn diapers and are in size 1!

We have loved getting visits from some family and friends. We are welcoming limited visits right now and ask that everybody wears a mask, practices social distancing, and stays home if they have been sick or exposed to COVID. Reach out if you would like to plan a visit! Jef will be off of work for the next couple of weeks and then I will be on my own.

Many people have asked us what we need right now. We have a lot of essentials but could use size 1 and up diapers, used or new books, and used or new infant toys. We have been overwhelmed with all of the love and support and appreciate everything everybody has done for us. We are working on making special post cards to mail out soon 🙂

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